About Us


ASL Interpreting Services (ASLIS) provides on-site sign language interpreters for Deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing and hearing individuals throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and western Wisconsin. We also provide Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) nationally for both ASL and spoken language.

Our staff is bilingual in both English and ASL. Our clients can reach us by using their preferred method: videophone (VP), email, FaceTime (video), Skype (video), fax, or phone (v).

We work with well-trained and highly skilled interpreters. Our interpreters possess national certification and adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) as well as HIPAA. ASLIS specializes in, but is not limited to: education, medical, business, legal, DeafBlind, platform/conference and performing arts interpreting.

Our company is advised quarterly by our Deaf Advisory Board (DAB). The DAB is comprised of Deaf, DeafBlind and hard of hearing individuals from the community with different backgrounds. There is also an interpreter representative on the board. The purpose of the DAB is to provide cultural perspectives to guide ASLIS on how to address needs and trends in the local Deaf community, as well as, advise ASLIS on any business decisions they make that may impact the community.

Dynamic Communications, Inc. (DyCom) offers a variety of training opportunities for sign language interpreters, Deaf mentors, businesses, and organizations related to Deaf culture, ASL, and professional development.